MICHAEL SLADE is a playwright, librettist, award-winning children’s author, and Emmy-nominated television writer. His short play, THANKSGIVING was first produced by MCC in NYC.  AND A CHILD SHALL LEAD is regularly performed in regional, community and school theatres across the United States and around the world. The Roundabout Theatre Company produced a reading of UNDER A RED MOON, starring Kate Burton and Billy Crudup. UNDER A RED MOON subsequently premiered as a co-production between The Human Race Theatre, Dayton, OH and The Carnegie Center, Covington, KY in October, 2012. The Human Race Theatre previously commissioned CHANGE (produced in September, 2011), and is most recently produced the premiere of FAMILY SHOTS which opened in January, 2015 and featured Corbin Bleu, Colleen Zenk, Randy Brooks, Adam Halpin, Arash Mokhtar and Annie Pesch. His musicals include AND THE CURTAIN RISES (music by Joseph Thalken, lyrics by Mark Campbell) which premiered at the Signature Theatre, Arlington, VA, March 2011, directed by Kristin Hanggi, and BYE, BYE BIG GUY (music by David Evans, lyrics by Faye Greenberg) which premiered at the Lortel Theatre, NYC as part of the 2007 NYC Fringe Festival, directed by Devanand Janki.  Mr. Slade has written extensively for young and family audiences, credits include POKEMON LIVE ! (which premiered at Radio City Music Hall before touring the United States and four continents), and nine musicals for Theatreworks/USA. His TV credits include ANOTHER WORLD (WGA Award nomination), ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Emmy nomination), DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and PASSIONS.  His children’s novel, THE HORSES OF CENTRAL PARK (Scholastic Hardcover/Apple Paperback) won the ISAR Award for Children’s Literature. READ FULL BIO

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    22 April, 2015

    So, I just read that Michele Bachmann believesThe Rapture is coming, perhaps imminently, and that it is President Obama’s fault. Well, of course everything is President Obama’s fault, but… Wait a minute. I’m not exactly a New Testament scholar, but I have read it more than once and done some studying, and as I understand it, The Rapture (at least as far as true believers are concerned) is kind-of, sort-of a really good thing… it’s the moment when all those believers, whether living or dead, will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord. So, assuming Ms. Bachmann, or as I’m guessing she probably prefers to be called, Mrs. Bachmann (none of those unholy feminist pronouns for her)… So, assuming Mrs. Bachmann considers herself to be a true believer (as she certainly professes to be ad nauseam), she shouldn’t be blaming President Obama for bringing on The Rapture… she should be thanking him. Shouldn’t she? I mean, he’s helping to get her to meet the Lord! Continue Reading >>

    27 February, 2015

    Today I was flying to Los Angeles, well, Burbank, via San Francisco on United Airlines. The flight was completely full, and before and during the boarding process we were repeatedly reminded that all carry-on luggage had to meet the strict measurement requirements, and that if it didn’t, it would be taken from us and gate-checked. I have no problem with this. Continue Reading >>

    26 January, 2015

    The other day I was a guest at a meeting of the Dayton Women’s Literary Club. A friend here who is a member had talked to me about the group over dinner and when I was clearly fascinated, asked if I might be interested in attending. She explained that the group, which has been meeting for 125 years was founded (in 1889) when there was little opportunity for women to seriously explore academic interests. Continue Reading >>
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  • Another rave review for FAMILY SHOTS. This one from the Oakwood Register (flip to p.17): "A literary triumph... a brilliant exposition of the richness of human experience."
  • Rave review for FAMILY SHOTS from the Dayton Metro:  "An excellent, touching comic drama... [It] contains some of the finest morsels of contemporary playwrighting you’ll find right now on a regional theater or NYC stage."
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