Inspired by writings of a group of children who were prisoners in Terezin Concentration Camp, it tells the story of how they fought back the only way they could; through the written word, by documenting their lives, their thoughts and their dreams. It uses the specificity of their experience to make a universal statement about the ways in which children become the victims of adult political policies. The play, published by PlayScripts, is regularly produced by regional, community and school theatres. Professional productions include: Adventure Stage at the Vittum Theatre, Chicago, IL, B.E.A.T. at the Tower Theatre, Bend, OR, Boilerhouse Theatre, Melbourne, Australia.

“Awe-inspiring theatre. Highly recommended” – Chicago Sun-Times

“One of the most deeply moving dramas of the season. Slade’s play should not be missed.” – Centerstage Chicago

“No one can deny the emotional impact of this clear, simple and forthright work.” – The Chicago Theater Blog.