Play dealing with patient response to living with Type 2 Diabetes. Commissioned by Amylin Pharmaceuticals to explore creating better compliancy among patients and better communication between Health Care Providers and patients. Premiered at the 2010 American Diabetes Association Conference, Orlando, FL, and 2010 American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference, San Antonio. TX, directed by Lisa Rothe. Three short film scripts (Talk to Me Therapy, Support for Success, and Weight Matters) were commissioned in conjunction with the play, to be used as Cinematic Learning Modules for Type-2 Diabetes patients and health care professionals. They are currently available online and as DVDs.

Received CLIO Healthcare Award, Two PRism Awards for Excellence and the MarCom Platinum Award.

“One of the highlights of the [American Association of Diabetes Educators] conference, for me, was a theatrical performance sponsored by Amylin called “Close to the Heart.” It was performed by real actors and written by award-winning playwright, Michael Slade.

The play dramatized a 50-something patient getting a diagnosis of diabetes and the onslaught of confusion and fear it brings. Also, highlighted was its impact on the patient’s relationship with her jealous best friend, who is denying the effects of her own diabetes, and the interplay with her supportive pre-diabetic husband and physician. Even I who have had diabetes for 38 years felt anew this woman’s struggle and pain.

The play will soon be available as Cinematic Learning Modules to help educators and patients with the monumental task of developing healthier lifestyle habits.”